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This page is about Citizens 1.x, while the current version is Citizens 2.0.2. This page's content may be outdated, and shouldn't be trusted as being correct. See this page's talk page for more information. If you were looking for the 2.0.2 equivalent of this page, try Npc-profiles.yml. If you feel this message was displayed in error, please contact an administrator.

This YAML file is automatically generated with the use of in-game commands when creating, placing and modifying NPCs. In general, it should not need to be edited, however, for advanced usage, it can be edited and reloaded into citizens with the use of /citizens reload.

More information soon.

Example npc-profiles.yml

#The NPC's ID
#NPC type
#Waypoints section. Used to store Waypoints
#Waypoint number 1. NPCs follow the waypoints in order.
#How long to wait at the waypoint.
        delay: '0'
#Position of the waypoint.
        location: world,X,Y,Z,PITCH,YAW
#Whether to talk or not
    talk: 'true'
#Location of the NPC
    location: world,X,Y,Z,PITCH,YAW
#Items currently being held/worn
    items: 272:0,298:0,0:0,0:0,0:0,
#Look at players near the NPC?
    look-when-close: 'true'
#Talk to players near the NPC?
    talk-when-close: 'false'
#Inventory. Used for Traders?
    inventory: 272/1/0,AIR*35,
#Balance. Used for Traders to buy and sell.
    balance: '0.0'
#Owner of the NPC.
    owner: AgentKid
#Color of the NPC's name
    color: f
#The NPC's name
    name: My_First_NPC
#The lines of text that the NPC will say. Lines separated by semicolon.
    text: I'm an NPC.;This is what I say.;aPunch is awesome.