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Author aPunch
Version 1.0
Citizens build 2.0
Other dependencies Unknown
Download Link
Description: Customizable Potion Recipes

How to Use

General Information

Alchemists provide the ability to create custom recipes for potions. You can customize these recipes in the configuration file. A default recipe is provided as an example.

Keep in mind, there is no way to view an alchemist's current recipe ingredients using this plugin. This is intentional, as you, the server admin, should be allowed total freedom to decide how you display recipes. You could show the ingredients using signs, another plugin, or not at all.


Right-clicking the alchemist with the proper ingredients will remove them from your hand and give them to the alchemist. Once the recipe has been completely fulfilled, the alchemist will drop a potion around it's location. If the user walks too far away, the alchemist will stop brewing the potion and any items that were given to it will be lost.



The configuration file for Alchemists is found in /plugins/Alchemist/config.yml and is generated automatically when not present.

Default Configuration

Mouseover each section to view it's description. # Alchemist Configuration