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Read below for detailed command documentation. For more info on per-type commands and permissions, see its corresponding page.

[] - Mandatory
() - Optional

Command - command's syntax
Args Description - description of the command's arguments
Require Selected - whether the command requires an NPC to be selected
Require Ownership - whether the commands requires you to be the owner of the NPC
Require Mob Types - whether the command requires an NPC to be a certain mob type(s)
Permission - command's permission node
Description - short description of the command

Commands not listed here

There are quite a few commands that are not listed here, mainly for reasons of maintenance order (the wiki isn't updated all that often, but the actual commands list is updated regularly.)
To see the list of commands on your current version of Citizens, simply type /npc help in-game. You can use /npc help 2 to view page 2, and so on (switch 2 to any page number).

To see information on a specific command, you can use /npc help create in-game. Change the "create" to any other command name (the example will show help for the /npc create command).

Some commands have documentation elsewhere. Such as:

  • npc skin has documentation here: Skins

There are also many commands that are added by other traits. see Characters

Adding Click Commands

If you're looking for a way to add automatically ran commands when you click an NPC, that's explained at NPC_Commands.

Admin Commands

Commands used for administration of Citizens.

Admin Commands
Command Permission Description
/citizens citizens.admin Show basic plugin information
/citizens reload citizens.admin Reload Citizens
/citizens save citizens.admin Save NPCs and configuration

Help Commands

Commands used in-game to show the help screen.

Help Commands
Command Arguments Permission Description
/citizens help (Page) - Page number to display Show Citizens help menu
/npc help (Page) - Page number to display Show NPC help menu
/trait help (Page) - Page number to display Show trait help menu
/template help (Page) - Page number to display Show template help menu
/waypoints help (Page) - Page number to display Show waypoints help menu

NPC Commands

General commands used for all NPCs.

NOTE: '/npc trait' has been replaced, there is a new set of commands for adding, removing and copying traits.

/trait {traitname] is now used to add traits and characters.

The following command list is copied from /npc help

NPC Commands
Command Arguments Description
/npc None Show basic NPC information
/npc age [age] (-l) Set the age of a NPC
/npc ai (true|false) Sets whether the NPC should use vanilla AI
/npc anchor (--save [name]|--assume [name]|--remove [name]) (-a)(-c) Changes/Saves/Lists NPC's location anchor(s)
/npc armorstand --visible [visible] --small [small] --gravity [gravity] --arms [arms] --baseplate [baseplate] Edit armorstand properties
/npc axolotl (-d) (--variant variant) Sets axolotl modifiers
/npc bee (-s/-n) --anger anger Sets bee modifiers
/npc bossbar --style [style] --color [color] --title [title] --visible [visible] --flags [flags] --track [health | placeholder] Edit bossbar properties
/npc breakblock --location [x,y,z] --radius [radius] Mine a block at the given location or cursor if not specified
/npc cat (-s/-n/-l) --type type --ccolor collar color Sets cat modifiers
/npc chunkload (-t(emporary)) Toggle the NPC forcing chunks to stay loaded
/npc collidable None Toggles an NPC's collidability
/npc command, /npc cmd (add [command] | remove [id] | permissions [permissions] | sequential | random | (exp|item)cost [cost]) (-l[eft]/-r[ight]) (-p[layer] -o[p]), --(g)cooldown [seconds] --delay [ticks] --permissions [perms] --n [max # of uses] Controls commands which will be run when clicking on an NPC
/npc controllable, /npc control (-m(ount),-y,-n,-o) Toggles whether the NPC can be ridden and controlled
/npc copier None Toggle the NPC copier
/npc copy (--name newname) Copies an NPC
/npc create [name] ((-b(aby),u(nspawned),s(ilent),t(emporary)) --at [x:y:z:world] --type [type] --trait ['trait1, trait2...'] --registry [registry name]) Create a new NPC
/npc despawn (id) Despawn a NPC
/npc drops None Edit an NPC's drops
/npc endercrystal -b(ottom) Edit endercrystal modifiers
/npc enderman -a[ngry] Set enderman modifiers
/npc equip None Toggle the equipment editor
/npc flyable (true|false) Toggles or sets an NPC's flyable status
/npc follow (player name|NPC id) (-p[rotect]) Toggles NPC following you
/npc fox --type type --sleeping [true|false] --sitting [true|false] --crouching [true|false] Sets fox modifiers
/npc gamemode [gamemode] Changes the gamemode
/npc glowing --color [minecraft chat color] Toggles an NPC's glowing status
/npc gravity None Toggles gravity
/npc gui None Display NPC configuration GUI
/npc hologram add [text] | set [line #] [text] | remove [line #] | clear | lineheight [height] | direction [up|down] Controls NPC hologram text
/npc horse, /npc donkey, /npc mule (--color color) (--type type) (--style style) (-cb) Sets horse and horse-like entity modifiers
/npc id None Sends the selected NPC's ID to the sender
/npc inventory None Show's an NPC's inventory
/npc item [item] (data) Sets the NPC's item
/npc leashable None Toggles leashability
/npc list (page) ((-a) --owner (owner) --type (type) --char (char) --registry (name)) List NPCs
/npc llama (--color color) (--strength strength) Sets llama modifiers
/npc lookclose --range [range] -r[ealistic looking] --(random|r)look [true|false] --(random|r)pitchrange [min,max] --(random|r)yawrange [min,max] Toggle whether a NPC will look when a player is near
/npc mcow (--variant [variant]) Sets mushroom cow modifiers.
/npc metadata set|get|remove [key] (value) (-t(emporary)) Manages NPC metadata
/npc minecart (--item item_name(:data)) (--offset offset) Sets minecart item
/npc mount (--onnpc <npc id>) (-c (ancel)) Mounts a controllable NPC
/npc moveto x:y:z:world | x y z world Teleports a NPC to a given location
/npc name (-h(over)) Toggle nameplate visibility, or only show names on hover
/npc ocelot (--type type) (-s(itting), -n(ot sitting)) Set the ocelot type of an NPC and whether it is sitting
/npc owner [uuid] Set the owner of an NPC
/npc panda --gene (main gene) --hgene (hidden gene) -s(itting) Sets panda modifiers
/npc panimate [animation] Plays a player animation
/npc parrot (--variant variant) Sets parrot modifiers
/npc passive (--set [true|false]) Sets whether an NPC damages other entities or not
/npc path None Toggle the waypoint editor
/npc pathopt --avoid-water|aw [true|false] --stationary-ticks [ticks] --attack-range [range] --distance-margin [margin] --path-distance-margin [margin] --use-new-finder [true|false] Sets an NPC's pathfinding options
/npc pathrange [range] Sets an NPC's pathfinding range
/npc pathto [x] [y] [z] Starts pathfinding to a certain location
/npc phantom (--size size) Sets phantom modifiers
/npc playerlist (-a,r) Sets whether the NPC is put in the playerlist
/npc polarbear (-r) Sets polarbear modifiers.
/npc pose (--save [name] (-d) | --mirror [name] (-d) | --assume [name] | --remove [name] | --default [name]) (-a) Manage NPC poses
/npc power None Toggle a creeper NPC as powered
/npc profession, /npc prof [profession] Set a NPC's profession
/npc pufferfish (--state state) Sets pufferfish modifiers
/npc rabbittype [type] Set the Type of a Rabbit NPC
/npc remove, /npc rem (all|id|name| --owner [owner] | --eid [entity uuid] | --world [world]) Remove a NPC
/npc rename [name] Rename a NPC
/npc respawn [delay in ticks] Sets an NPC's respawn delay in ticks
/npc scoreboard --addtag [tags] --removetag [tags] Controls an NPC's scoreboard
/npc script --add [files] --remove [files] Controls an NPC's scripts
/npc select, /npc sel [id|name] (--r range) (--registry [name]) Select a NPC with the given ID or name
/npc sheep (--color [color]) (--sheared [sheared]) Sets sheep modifiers
/npc shop (edit|show) (name) NPC shop edit/show
/npc shulker (--peek [peek] --color [color]) Sets shulker modifiers.
/npc size [size] Sets the NPC's size
/npc skin (-c -l(atest)) [name] (or --url [url] or -t [uuid/name] [data] [signature]) Sets an NPC's skin name. Use -l to set the skin to always update to the latest
/npc skinlayers (--cape [true|false]) (--hat [true|false]) (--jacket [true|false]) (--sleeves [true|false]) (--pants [true|false]) Sets an NPC's skin layers visibility.
/npc snowman (-d[erp]) Sets snowman modifiers.
/npc sound (--death [death sound|d]) (--ambient [ambient sound|d]) (--hurt [hurt sound|d]) (-n(one)/-s(ilent)) (-d(efault)) Sets an NPC's played sounds
/npc spawn (id|name) -l(oad chunks) Spawn an existing NPC
/npc speak message to speak --target npcid|player_name --type vocal_type Uses the NPCs SpeechController to talk
/npc speed [speed] Sets the movement speed of an NPC as a percentage
/npc swim (--set [true|false]) Sets an NPC to swim or not
/npc target [name|UUID] (-a[ggressive]) Target a given entity
/npc targetable None Toggles an NPC's targetability
/npc text None Toggle the text editor
/npc tfish (--body color) (--pattern pattern) (--patterncolor color) Sets tropical fish modifiers
/npc tp None Teleport to a NPC
/npc tphere (cursor) (-c(enter)) Teleport a NPC to your location
/npc tpto [player name|npc id] [player name|npc id] Teleport an NPC or player to another NPC or player
/npc type [type] Sets an NPC's entity type
/npc undo (all) Undoes the last action (currently only create/remove supported)
/npc useitem (-o(ffhand)) Sets an NPC to be using their held items
/npc villager (--level level) (--type type) (--profession profession) Sets villager modifiers
/npc vulnerable (-t) Toggles an NPC's vulnerability
/npc wither (--charged [charged]) Sets wither modifiers
/npc wolf (-s(itting) a(ngry) t(amed) i(nfo)) --collar [hex rgb color|name] Sets wolf modifiers
/trait [trait1] [trait2] ... [traitN] - A list of Traits to apply Adds the trait type to the NPC. NPCs can have multiple traits. Example: /trait sentinel

Denizen-added commands

The following /npc commands are added by Denizen (as copied from /npc help). Denizen can be downloaded from here.

Denizen /NPC Commands
Command Arguments Description
/npc mirrorskin None Makes the NPC mirror the skin of the player looking at it.
/npc mirrorname None Makes the NPC mirror the name of the player looking at it.
/npc mirrorequip None Makes the NPC mirror the equipment of the player looking at it.
/npc stand None Makes the NPC stand.
/npc pushable -t (-r) (--delay #) Makes an NPC pushable.
/npc constant --set/remove name --value constant value Views/adds/removes NPC string constants.
/npc assignment --set assignment_name (-r) Controls the assignment for an NPC.
/npc trigger [trigger name] [(--cooldown [seconds])/(--radius [radius])/(-t)] Controls the various triggers for an NPC.
/npc nickname [--set nickname] Gives the NPC a nickname, used with a Denizen-compatible Speech Engine.
/npc sit (--location x,y,z,world) (--anchor anchor_name) (-c) Makes the NPC sit.
/npc sleep (--location x,y,z,world) (--anchor anchor_name) Makes the NPC sleep.
/npc sneak None Makes the NPC crouch.
/npc wakeup None Makes the NPC wake up.
/npc fish (--location x,y,z,world) (--anchor anchor_name) (-c) Makes the NPC fish, casting at the given location.
/npc stopfishing None Makes the NPC stop fishing.
/npc invisible None Turns the NPC invisible.
/npc health --set # (-r) Sets the max health for an NPC.

Waypoint commands

Permissions are of the format "citizens.waypoints.xx", like "citizens.waypoints.disableteleport" for the "disableteleport" command.

Waypoint Commands
Command Arguments Description
/waypoints disableteleport None Stops NPCs from automatically teleporting the end of their path if they get stuck (NOTE: might be removed at some point).
/waypoints provider [provider name] (-a) - provider name is the provider to use (currently linear, guided and wander), use -a to get a list of all providers Sets the waypoint provider to use when using the waypoint editor.
/waypoint add [x] [y] [z] (world) (--index idx) Adds a waypoint at a point

Template commands

Template Commands
Command Arguments Permission Description
/template apply [template name] (id1 id2...) - takes the name of the template and an optional list of IDs to apply it to citizens.templates.apply Applies the given templates to the NPC.
/template create [template name] (-o) - takes the name of the generated template, -o sets it to override citizens.templates.create Generates a template from the selected NPC and saves it to the templates.yml file.

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