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Known Compatibility issues with Citizens 2.0.4

  • Citizens requires CraftBukkit 1.4.5+
  • Setting pvp=false may break left clicking on NPCs as this is treated as attacking the NPC and the event will not fire.
  • The spawning of hostile-mob-type NPCs may be prevented under the following circumstances:
    • There is a plugin preventing spawns with a HIGHEST priority, Plugin List:
      • Essentials WILL prevent npc spawn
      • WorldGuard WILL NOT prevent npc spawn
      • MultiVerse WILL NOT prevent npc spawn
  • Authme may throw console errors trying to hook into citizens2.
  • PvPToggle may throw console errors trying to hook into citizens2.
  • TeleportSuite may throw console errors looking for NPCs.
  • HomeSpawnPlus may prevent right-click selection with a stick.
  • APIPlus may prevent all right-clicking
  • PopulationDensity/GriefPrevention may interfere with the spawning of NPCs on server start and may duplicate them on /reload.
  • Heroes has known issues with player-type NPCs. Please do not send them tickets, we are trying to work with Kainzo to fix this.
  • CityScape uses the /npc command. Use /npc2 to run citizens2 commands if both plugins are installed.