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This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the Citizens project. You should always check here before submitting an issue, asking on IRC, or posting on the forums. You're queries could very well have already been answered here.

Why isn't Citizens working on my server?

Citizens is an advanced plugin and requires very a specific version of CraftBukkit in order to work.

If you are getting NoClassDefFound, ClassNotFoundException, or FieldNotFound errors, ensure that you have the correct version of CraftBukkit for your Citizens version first. See Downloads

Otherwise, submit a ticket here.

How do I upgrade from old versions to Citizens 2.0?

See the Installation page.

How do I get more NPC types?

NPC types are now called "traits". These are no longer built-in JARs that you place in the /plugins/Citizens/types directory. You must download each individual character and place it in the /plugins folder.

You can find out more about traits on the Characters page, or learn how to make your own on the API page.

Can I change what skin an NPC has?

The short answer is yes, if you have a recent Minecraft version. For a detailed explanation, see the Skins page.

Why can't my users hear my NPCs?

Make sure you give them the proper permissions. Users will need to hear NPCs by clicking or talk-close. See Permissions.

I can't right-click to select an NPC

By default you must be holding a stick to right-click-select a NPC. The object can be changed in the Configuration.

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