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Citizens 2.0.x Permissions

This page may be outdated: double check the plugin.yml at for up-to-date permissions

Default on all permissions is OP

  • citizens.admin.*
    • citizens.admin This allows players to edit 'server' owned NPCs
    • citizens.admin.avoid-limits Allows user to create any number of NPCs
  • /citizens help
  • citizens.npc.*:
    • citizens.npc.age /npc age
    • citizens.npc.position.assume /npc age
    • citizens.npc.behaviour /npc behaviour
    • citizens.npc.create /npc create
    • citizens.npc.create.[mobtype or *] /npc create [mobtype]
    • citizens.npc.controllable /npc controllable
    • citizens.npc.copy /npc copy
    • citizens.npc.despawn /npc despawn
    • citizens.npc.edit.*
      • citizens.npc.edit.equip /npc equip
      • citizens.npc.edit.path /npc path
    • /npc help
    • citizens.npc.limit.# Limit this player to creating # number of NPCs (works with 1-100
    • citizens.npc.list /npc list
    • citizens.npc.lookclose /npc lookclose
    • citizens.npc.moveto /npc moveto
    • citizens.npc.owner /npc owner
    • citizens.npc.path /npc path
    • citizens.npc.power /npc power
    • citizens.npc.profession /npc profession
    • citizens.npc.remove /npc remove
    • citizens.npc.remove.all /npc removeall
    • citizens.npc.rename /npc rename
    • /npc select
    • citizens.npc.spawn /npc spawn
    • citizens.npc.speed /npc speed
    • /npc Hear NPCs by click or walking near with talk-close
    • citizens.npc.text /npc text
    • citizens.npc.trait.*
      • citizens.npc.trait /trait
      • citizens.npc.trait-configure
      • citizens.npc.trait-configure.*
      • /npc tp
      • citizens.npc.tphere /npc tphere

Character Permissions

See the appropriate Characters page for character-specific permission nodes.