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To create a different type of NPC (besides human), just use the --type flag.

/npc create 'npc name' --type pig -b

This would make a baby pig. Leave off the -b to create an adult.

To change the type of an existing NPC, use

/npc type pig

Type Image Details
BLAZE File:BlazeNPC.png
BAT File:BatNPC.png
CAVE_SPIDER File:CaveSpider.png
CHICKEN File:ChickenNPC.png
CREEPER File:CreeperNPC.png Can toggle it as powered.
COW File:CowNPC.png
ENDERMAN File:EndermanNPC.png Can have its carried material edited.
ENDER_DRAGON File:EnderdragonNPC.png Jumping on top will cause it to spin rapidly. All clients within render distance will see a "Boss Health" bar at the top of their screen (this is not fixable server-side).
GHAST File:GhastNPC.png
GIANT File:GiantNPC.png
IRON_GOLEM File:VillagerGolemNPC.png
MAGMA_CUBE File:MagmaCubeNPC.png
OCELOT File:OzelotNPC.png
PIG File:PigNPC.png Can have a saddle placed and removed from it.
PIG_ZOMBIE File:ZombiePigNPC.png
PLAYER File:PlayerNPC.png Name that is assigned is placed above its head, and it has a skin, just like other players. The name color can be adjusted by putting & in front of the name (note: this will reset its skin to the default skin).
SHEEP File:SheepNPC.png Can toggle it as sheared and change its wool color.
SILVERFISH File:SilverfishNPC.png
SQUID File:BlazeNPC.png
SNOWMAN File:SnowmanNPC.png
WOLF File:WolfNPC.png
SLIME File:Slime.png
SPIDER File:Spider.png
WITCH File:Witch.png
WITHER File:Wither.png
VILLAGER File:VillagerNPC.png Can set profession with /npc profession
ZOMBIE File:Zombie.png Can be made into a zombie villager / baby using the /npc zombiemod -b(aby) -v(illager) command.

Known Bugs with Mob NPCs

  • Some can be pushed by walking into them. This is a clientside effect, and will reset on relog.
  • Some wander around on their own. Please report this.
  • Some will not move at all. Please report this.