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NPCs can be given Waypoints to pathfind between.

Waypoints are created by a Waypoint Provider. You can change providers using the /waypoint provider [provider] command.

The current Providers are:

Linear (default) - Sends the NPC to each stored waypoint in sequence.

Wander - The NPC wanders around randomly.

Guided - The waypoints are split into destination waypoints and helper waypoints. Destination waypoints are chosen randomly and pathed to using the helper waypoints as a guide. Useful for say patrolling NPCs in a city where you want them to roughly stick to the roads.

Waypoint triggers

For the linear and guided waypoint provider, triggers can be added to pause the NPC at certain waypoints, change their speed or say something at a waypoint. More information can be found by typing 'triggers' in the waypoint editor.