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This page is about Citizens 1.x, while the current version is Citizens 2.0.2. This page's content may be outdated, and shouldn't be trusted as being correct. See this page's talk page for more information. If you were looking for the 2.0.2 equivalent of this page, try Evil NPCs. If you feel this message was displayed in error, please contact an administrator.

Evil NPCs are the most misunderstood of all Citizens NPC types. Upon seeing you, they will attack. Tame these poor creatures by right-clicking them with the configurable tame-item. Once tamed, they can be toggled to become any NPC type. They just want to fit in! Evil NPCs can be controlled with the evil: node in mobs.yml.

Evil NPCs are included in the core of Citizens and thus so do not require an additional types JAR.

Configuration Nodes

These nodes can be found in mobs.yml.

    spawn: true   # Whether to spawn evil NPCs. Default is false.
    max: 5        # Number of NPCs to spawn. Default is 2.
    chance: 100   # Chance of NPSs spawning after delay: node setting in mobs.yml.

    tame-item: 377          # Blaze Powder 
    drops: 260,357,2256,    # List of possible drops for an evil NPC.
                            # Note: Leave a trailing comma.

    tame-chance: 50           # Percentage chance Evil NPC will be tamed 
                              # by right-clicking with tame-item.
    names: Bandit,Herobrine,  # Names of the Evil NPCs.
                              # Note: Leave a trailing comma.
    health: 20                # For reference, standard player health is 20
    failed-tame-messages: The blaze powder fails to calm your subject.;POOF! Nothing.

Related Permissions

See Permissions for information on how to use permissions. The listed permission nodes below relate to Mobs.yml and Evil NPCs.

citizens.evils.immune   # Those with this node will not be attacked by Evil NPCs