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Daily Collection Quest

Written by AlaisXNeo.

"Daily Collection":
        description: "<g>Daily: <y> Collect daily materials for a reward!"   # Uses color codes to color text
        completion: "Thanks! <g>You have gained 100 exp and 150 pavias for completing the quest."
        acceptance: "Great! Please check the quest status to see the materials I need."
    repeats: -1   # May be repeated an unlimited amount of times.
    delay: 1440   # 1440 minutes is equal to 24 hours.  Cannot repeat until this amount of time.
                type: collect     # First objective is a collection quest.
                materialid: 263   # Coal_Ore
                amount: 10        # Must collect 10.
                message: "That's enough coal!"
            '0':                  # First objective must be complete in order to complete this objective.
                type: collect     # Second objective also a collection quest.
                materialid: 15    # Iron_Ore
                amount: 5
                message: "That's enough iron!"
                type: collect     # Another collection objective.
                materialid: 17    # Log
                amount: 15
                message: "That's enough wood!"
            type: money      # Rewards the player money when objectives are complete.
            money: 150            
            type: command    # Executes a command for reward
            command: xp <player> 100    # Gives the player 100 experience 
            server: true     # Uses console permission to execute the command.