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Blacksmiths repair your tools and armor. Right-clicking a blacksmith will repair your item-in-hand if it is repairable. An item is "repairable" if it contains a durability (i.e. pickaxe, shears, armor, etc.).

See below for more information.

Configuration Nodes

These nodes can be found in citizens.yml. They are for configuration of the use of blacksmiths.


Commands specifically dealing with Blacksmiths

Other Permissions

Permissions specific to the use/creation of blacksmiths.

Calculating the Cost of an Item Repair

Blacksmiths charge for an item repair based on this equation:

(maxItemDurability - currentItemDurability) * basePrice

maxItemDurability: The maximum uses that an item has

currentItemDurability: An item's total uses

basePrice: price specified in citizens.yml


  • Cooldowns between each repair