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This page is about Citizens 1.x, while the current version is Citizens 2.0.2. This page's content may be outdated, and shouldn't be trusted as being correct. See this page's talk page for more information. If you were looking for the 2.0.2 equivalent of this page, try Formatting Questing Text. If you feel this message was displayed in error, please contact an administrator.

This page under development. Stay tuned.

Quest messages are either in the description, completion, or acceptance fields of the text nodes, or inside of a message field in either the reward or objective nodes. These messages do not come from any npc in particular. You can use the &x bukkit color codes inside of the messages. Also, you can use the following special replacement codes:

<br> - Linebreak
<y>  - (yellow?)
<g>  - (green?)
<player> - (player name?  Does this work? aufdemrand: No, it does not work for messages.  It does work for commands...)
(... there may be more... )