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Guards perform protection, attacking enemy mobs and/or players. They can be hurt by others, so will die (and respawn). You can set a guard to follow you or to patrol an area.

Configuration Nodes

These nodes can be found in citizens.yml. They deal mostly with the default configuration for Guards.


Commands that are specific to use with Guards


-p - player
-m - mob
-g - permission group (supports PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, and PermissionsEx)
-a - all



Flags are the core features of guards. They define which entities should be targeted (or not targeted) by the guard, and are created by using the /guard addflag command. Flags can target monsters, players, and groups. The group targeting feature is only available with PermissionsBukkit.

Flags are by default blacklists - however, whitelists are also possible. By using '-' as the first character of a target, the flag is designated as a whitelist flag. For example, 'fullwall' is a blacklist target, while '-fullwall' is a whitelist target.

Flags can also take a priority, ranging from 1-20, where lower numbers give a higher priority. Essentially, when faced with two targets, the guard will attack the entity with the higher priority. If more than one target has the highest priority found, the guard will attack the entity closest to it. This features is mainly for advanced configuration of guards, and priority will default to 1.


So far, guards can be toggled to two types - bodyguards, and bouncers.


Bouncers are primarily area protection guards. They will stand still, protecting the radius from configured flags. When an enemy is defeated, they will path back to their base point. If an enemy moves out of the protection radius, the guard will stop targeting them (and teleport back if necessary).


Bodyguards are for personal protection, and will follow you around, protecting you as necessary. They will actively seek out configured flags, until they come outside the protection radius, whereupon they will teleport to you.


Note: only available post-1.1.2. Soldiers are essentially commandable guards. Players can select soldiers they own and command them to attack players, mobs and move to blocks.


An inventory hotbar, for weapon switching and healing. Perhaps more guarding types.