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This page is about Citizens 1.x, while the current version is Citizens 2.0.2. This page's content may be outdated, and shouldn't be trusted as being correct. See this page's talk page for more information. If you were looking for the 2.0.2 equivalent of this page, try Installing. If you feel this message was displayed in error, please contact an administrator.

How to download and install the Citizens plugin to your Bukkit server.

New Installation

  1. Go to the BukkitDev Citizens page and click Download in the top corner.
  2. Click Download again to download the latest Citizens package. Save the zip to your plugins folder
  3. Extract the contents of the zip package to the plugins folder. You should end up with Citizens.jar and a folder called Citizens
  4. Start the server how you normally would to generate the configuration files. Then shut it down again
  5. Edit the configuration files to your personal preferences.
  6. Start the server as you normally would.
  7. Give your players permissions. See the Commands and Permissions page for detailed node information.
  8.  ???
  9. Profit.

Problems? See Troubleshooting.

Updating from 1.1.x

  1. Stop your server
  2. Unzip the download obtained at Bukkit-Dev.
  3. Overwrite Citizens.jar and each Character Type .JAR file.
  4. Start your server. Enjoy!

Problems? See Troubleshooting.

Updating from earlier versions

It is recommended when updating from early versions of Citizens that you start from scratch, however, old quest files and configuration files may still be valid. New .JAR files should be overwritten over old versions