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Rewards node

The rewards node is used in Quests.yml to tell the quester what to reward the player with when conditions are met. If all the objectives are completed, the rewards: node is triggered.

For example:

        type: item    # Rewards an item
        id: 15        # iron_ore
        amount: 30
        type: quest   # Rewards a quest.  This quest will start immediately.
        quest: "Part II"

You may have multiple rewards, or just one. Rewards can also be subset into objectives to reward the player as objectives are completed. The format is the same.

Rewards Types


Command reward (command:) - executes a command. Specified by the command: node. Use <player> as a variable that will be replaced with the name of the player who is receiving the reward. Use <world> as a variable that will be replaced with the name of the world the player is currently in. Use server: true to execute the command from the console.

    type: command
    command: give <player> 1 100
    server: false


NPC reward (npc:) - grants an npc to a player. Uses a name: node to specify the name of the npc, and a comma-separated list of toggles in the types: node (eg. trader,quester,guard). Will create an NPC owned by the player who completed the quest, with a generated UID.

    type: npc
    npcid: 1   # optional - gives the ownership of npc specified by this id to the player
    name: 'Bill'
    types: 'guard,trader,quester'
        x: 10
        y: 10
        z: -50
        world: 'world'


Rank reward (rank) - grants a group ('rank') to a player. Specified by the rank: node.

    type: rank
    rank: 'admin'


Permission reward (permission) - grants a permission to a player. Specified by the permission: node.

    type: permission
    permission: 'quests.admin'


Quest reward (quest) - grants a quest to a player. Note that it cannot be taken away from a player. Specified by the quest: node.

    type: quest
    quest: 'builder'

Note by aufdemrand: Need to test behavior of using the quest reward in a sub-objective reward. Will report what I find soon.


Item reward (item) - gives an item to a player. Loaded from the item: nodes.

    type: item
        id: 10
        amount: 50
        data: 0


Health reward (health) - gives health to a player. Loaded from the amount: node.

    type: health
    amount: 10


Money reward (money) - gives money to a player. Loaded from the money: node.

    type: money
    money: 100


Teleport reward (teleport) - teleports a player to a location. Loaded from the location: node.

    type: teleport
        x: 10
        y: 50
        z: -10
        world: 'main'