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Slime Slaying

# NPC Quest Slime Slaying initiated by NPC Theo (22).

"Slime Slaying":
        description: "<Theo> The best way to take care of those slimes is to slay
            <br>them with a sword. We have a bit of overcrowding, as you can
            <br>see.. would you be willing you help our small city?
            <br>&6Quest: <g>The Slime Slayer, Part 1
            <br>&6Objective: Destroy 12 slimes."
        acceptance: "<Theo> Great! You are truly a friend! Our small 
            <br>city has a lot to offer, so stick around. 
            <delay=60><Theo> HAHAHA... get it? <g>STICK&f around? HAH HAH HAH!
            <delay=80>&6Quest: <g>The Slime Slayer, Part 1 &6started!
            <delay=40><g>Remember, you can use &6/quest status <g>to check your progress."
        completion: "<Theo> Wow! You've taken care of the slimes already?
            <br>We really appreciate the help!
            <br>&6Quest: You have recieved 100 bucks for your effort. Sweet!
            <br><Theo> Don't bounce outta here too soon.
            <delay=40><Theo> HAHA.. get it? <g>BOUNCE&f? Oh.. HAH HAH!"
    repeats: -1
                type: hunt
                string: 'slime'
                amount: 12
                message: "&6Quest: A dozen slimes down. That wasn't so hard. 
                    <delay=120>&fPerhaps you should see if <g>Theo &frequires any additional help?"
                type: delivery
                materialid: 341 # Slimeballs
                amount: 6
                npcdestination: 22
                optional: True # Optional sub-objective triggers only if you bring slimeballs
                               # before the other objective is complete. 
                message: "&6Quest: Slimeballs delivered.
                    <delay=50><Theo> Oh, what's this? 
                    <delay=20><Theo> OH! Slimeballs, Yes! You can keep what you find, but I 
                    <br>appreciate the gesture! Take this -- perhaps it will help you
                    <br>become a more efficient slime slayer! 
                    <br><Theo>What have you got to l-ooze?
                    <delay=40><Theo> HAHA. Get it? L-<g>OOOOZE&f? HAHAHA 
                    <delay=20>&6Quest: You have received a bow and some arrows! Nice!"
                         type: item
                         id: 261  # Bow
                         amount: 1
                         type: item
                         id: 262  # Arrows
                         amount: 64
            type: money
            money: 100