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Wizards are the most versatile NPC type. They perform 5 different tasks: storm-toggling, teleportation, command-execution, mob-spawning, and time-changing. You can set a wizard up to get drained of mana or set it to unlimited mana. You interact with a wizard by left and right-clicking it with the interact-item (default is a feather). If a wizard's mana isn't at the maximum level, it will regenerate every 6000 server ticks (can be changed in citizens.yml).

Configuration Nodes

These nodes can be found in citizens.yml. They deal with the configuration of wizards.


Commands that are specific to wizards.

Wizard Modes

All modes require the interact-item to be in your hand in order for it to work. You can also change the amount of mana that each mode drains from a wizard in citizens.yml.

Mode - name of the mode, use this when changing the wizard's mode with /wizard mode
Description - short description of the mode

Other Permissions

Permission - permission node
Description - description of permission node


  • Cooldowns for all modes


Why can't I use wizards? I have all of the correct permissions!
Make sure you are using the wizard interact-item (configurable in citizens.yml, default is feather).

Why isn't my wizard working when I left-click him! I am sure that I am using the correct interact-item.
Left-clicking a wizard does not work in areas where PvP is disabled. Make sure your wizard is not in one of those areas and that PvP is set to true for your world. This is a Bukkit bug.