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Author jrbudda
Version 0.8.0
Citizens build 2.0 dev build #318
Other dependencies Citizens 2 at least.
Download Link
Description: CitizensUI is a .NET graphical user interface for the minecraft/bukkit plugin Citizens2 and associated character plugins.

CitizensUI is a .NET graphical user interface for the minecraft/bukkit plugin Citizens2 and associated character plugins.


  • No YAML to deal with!
  • Create, Edit, Copy and Delete Citizens 2.0 NPCs from outside the game.
  • Edit Citizens 2.0 traits Sentry, Denizen and CitiTraders options.
  • Create and Edit Denizen scripts and assignments.
    • Pick your requirements, commands, items, colors, and scripts from convient drop-down lists.
    • Add large blocks of text with color to denizen scripts, with optional waits between lines.


  • 9/4/2012 (0.8.0) Full support for Denizen Activity Scripts and assignments. Fixed a bunch of UI quirks. Support for latest Cititraders.
  • 9/2/2012 ( Change text encoding to support extended characters... maybe. Use previous build if you experience problems and let me know.
  • 9/2/2012 ( Major updates to the Basic panel, support for new formats in Citizens release. Support for Cititraders 'owner-only' mode. Bugfixes
  • 8/28/2012: Syntax updates for Denizen commands and requirements. Added Default Activity field. Updates for latest Sentry.
  • 8/17/2012: Bugfixes and preliminary support for Denizen Activities. v0.7.3.2
  • 8/5/2012: CitizensUI now supports Sentry. v0.7.2
  • 8/1/2012: CitizensUI now supports CitiTraders. v0.7.1
  • 7/29/2012: CitizensUI 0.7 is currently compatible only with citizens2 build 249+ and Denizen build 223+


If your files were created using versions of citizens2 older than 223, Citizens UI WILL convert them for you to the new file format.

Download the supported plugins here:


To install:

  • You will need .NET framework 3.5. Typically this means Windows but Mono may be able to run it on other platforms.
  • Open the latest zip file from the downloads page
  • Extract the contents to the directory of your choice.
  • Run the CitizensUI.exe
  • The first time you run the program, it will prompt you to select your minecraft server 'plugins' directory.
  • Click Load and it will load the data from the Citizens saves.yml, and the Denizen assignments.yml and all the files in the Denizen scripts folder.

Add and edit to your heart's delight.

When done, click save, this will backup and then overwrite the previously existing files.

Reload your citizens and denizen from the server. Any new NPCs you created will have to be spawned to set their location.


Denizen scripts can be saved in 3 ways:

  • 1 file per script.
  • 1 file per NPC. This will also make a single file for unassigned and multi-assigned scripts.
  • 1 file containing all scripts. This is the default.

Known Limitations

  • Script Command and Requiremnt data is not verified for syntax. The proper syntax for each command is shown, it is up to you to format the data correctly.
  • Alchemist and Blacksmith not fully supported yet.
  • Cannot edit npc location or waypoints.
  • Does not load or list denizen Bookmarks


Please report issues on github

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