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This wiki is outdated, please view the tutorial videos/guide, meta documentation, or Discord group (all linked above) for up-to-date information!

Interact Script Commands are used to make the Denizen perform actions in an Interact Script. They are written in a YAML sequence under the Script node of an Interact Trigger. A single entry in the sequence contains a Command and Modifiers. Some commands have no available modifiers.


Syntax is very important for proper execution.

  • Placing a caret ^ in front of the command name causes that command to ignore the normal 0.5 second delay between commands.
  • The command must be upper-case (i.e CHAT not chat)
  • Modifiers are not case sensitive.
  • Modifiers in [Brackets] are required for the command to execute. [A or B] means either A or B is required.
  • Modifiers in (Parentheses) are optional, and generally change the default behavior of the command.
  • Modifiers that take a value are of the form MODIFIER:VALUE.
    • If the VALUE of the modifier contains a space, such as in the case of a NPC or script name, the whole modifier must be put in quotes.
Example: - TELEPORT BOOKMARK:Bob:Bobshouse is okay, but - TELEPORT 'BOOKMARK:Bob Jones:Bobshouse' requires the quotes to function properly.


Some Trigger:
  - COMMAND2 'MODIFIER1:Value With Spaces'
  - ^COMMAND3 'This will run instantly after COMMAND2'

List of Commands

Script Flow

These commands have no external effect on the world, but can control the flow of scripts within Denizen. Though not required, and with the exception of WAIT, it is generally recommended to run these as Instant Commands to ensure smooth Script feedback to players.



These commands show some text to the player interacting, and usually to bystanders around. Text commands also have some auto-formatting, such as making sure no words will be cut off on long messages, and applying color codes. See: Denizen Color Codes. Formatting for how NPCs and Players talk can be customized in the Denizen/config.yml.

  • All Speech commands require quotes (single (' ') or double (" ")) around the text. If your text has an apostrophe (') in it, you MUST use double quotes (" ")!!

There are various placeholders you can use to fill in specific information. The basic ones are:

  • <NPC> - The Denizens's name.
  • <PLAYER> - The interacting Player's name
  • <DISPLAYNAME> - The interacting Player's display name
  • <HEALTH> - The interacting Player's heath
  • <WORLD> - The name of the Denizen's world

If you use the NOPLAYER modifier on a text command the <PLAYER>, <DISPLAYNAME> and <HEALTH> tags are not available.

A list of all available placeholders can be found in Replaceables.

Denizen Interaction

Denizen interaction commands are meant to help bring your Denizen to life by allowing fine control of movement and actions during scripts. These are not meant for making the Denizen do continuous movement and actions, that should instead be done via Activities.

World Interaction

Player Interaction

These commands default to affecting the interacting player. Most have modifiers to affect the executing Denizen instead.