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Samples will go here, maybe!

Checkpoint NPC

View script with dScript highlighting:

# Simply spawn an NPC and do
# /npc assign --set respawnmaster
# and now you have a checkpoint NPC :D

# NPC Assignment script
    # Obligatory type
    type: assignment
    # Actions = script run when NPC-related events occur
        # This one is when the NPC is assigned
        on assignment:
        # Enable the trigger 'Proximity' with a radius of 10 blocks
        - trigger name:proximity state:true radius:10
    # interact script list
    interact scripts:
    # The interact below
    - 10 respawnmaster_interact

# The interact script
    # Obligatory type
    type: interact
    # List the steps below
        # First (Default) step
            # Triggers that fire when a player moves around near an NPC
            proximity trigger:
                # Specifically, when a player enters the radius of 10 blocks mentioned above
                    # Run this script...
                    # If the player's last set checkpoint was set by this NPC,
                    # cancel the current script queue (Clear it) (Meaning, the the flag/narrate won't happen)
                    - if <player.flag[respawner]> == <> queue clear
                    # Add a flag on the player, named respawnpoint, set to the player's current location at the time he entered the radius
                    - flag player respawnpoint:<player.location>
                    # Add a flag on the player, named respawner, set to the ID of the NPC that set this checkpoint.
                    - flag player respawner:<>
                    # Tell the player that he has reached the checkpoint, in green
                    - narrate "<&2>You reached a checkpoint!"

# World script to handle respawning
    # Obligatory type
    type: world
    # List of world events (events not related to an NPC) that we want to run scripts for
        # The event that fires when a player dies and respawns
        on player respawns:
        # If the player doesn't have a respawn point, clear the scriptqueue, same as above, preventing the determine
        - if <player.flag[respawnpoint]> == null queue clear
        # Run the task script 'respawnnomercy' with a delay of one second
        - run respawnnomercy delay:2s
        # Tell the event that we want to change the outcome to the player's flagged respawn point...
        # in this event, that changes where the player respawns
        # Thus, the player respawns at the checkpoint set in the prox trigger above
        - determine <player.flag[respawnpoint]>

# A task script to prevent errors on Multiverse/whatever servers
    # Obligatory type
    type: task
    # Script below is the only script in a task
    # Teleport the player to the respawn point, in case the determine above didn't do it
    - teleport <player> <player.flag[respawnpoint]>

# Remember, when whatever quest is completed, to run this command:
# - flag player respawnpoint:!
# To remove the respawnpoint and allow them to respawn normally