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In Denizen, there are multiple different types of scripts each made to fill a different purpose. When writing a script, you will need to use several of these, so they're important to know!

(Note: Page under construction! There's a lot more than just what's listed here!)

Types: interact, book, item, entity, task, assignment, procedure, world, format, inventory

Also: All the example scripts on this page work together...

To see them all work, add them all to your server and assign "MyAssignmentScript" to an NPC, then right-click it.

Assignment Script

    type: assignment
        on assignment:
        - chat "I has been assigned!"
        - trigger name:proximity state:true

The assignment script is the first script any NPC needs - it lists everything the NPC does!

One of the most important uses is the "on assignment:" action, which is run when the script is assigned to an NPC, in which you normally enable triggers, and run other important commands.

You can link interact scripts by adding:

    Interact Scripts:
    - 10 MyInteractScript

Interact Scripts

    type: Interact
            Proximity trigger:
                    - chat "Hi there, <>!"
                    - run mytask

Interact scripts control what the NPC does when a player fires triggers such as proximity, click, chat, or damage.

Item Scripts

    type: item
    material: wool:3
    - air|air|air
    - dirt|wool|dirt
    - air|air|air

Item scripts hold data on custom items.

World Scripts

  type: world
    on formattybit command:
    - narrate format:formatdemo "Hello, I'm a well-formatted narrate, caused by a world event '/formattybit' command!"
    - determine fulfilled

World scripts run world events.

Task Scripts

    type: task
    - chat "Here, a book for you!"
    - give myfancybook

Task scripts contain random scripts to be run by other scripts using the command - run (taskscriptname)

Book Scripts

    type: book
    title: My Fancy Book
    author: NotNotch
    - This is my book. There are many like it, but this one is mine!
    - Many <n>new <n> lines!
    - <p>Paragraphs, <p>too!

Book scripts hold information on a complex book item.

Each - line in the text: category is a new page.

After defining a book in a script, you can give it to a player in any runnable script using - give (bookname)

Format Scripts

  type: format
  format: "<&f>[<&b>Message<&f>- <&2><text><&f>]"


my custom command:
  type: command
  name: formatbit
  - narrate format:formatdemo "Hello, I'm a well-formatted narrate, caused by a command script '/formatbit' command!"

World scripts run world events.