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10, 1.02, 123 - number
"test" - text
"${message}" - text with query value inside
$message - query value
[10, 12, 12...] - list of values
{"key" : value, "key2" : value...} - dictionary

Rule syntax

rule rulename {
   criteria events="any"...;
   // statements here

Statement syntax

rule example {
    // criteria
    say "example", $sender; // arguments can be without names
    say message:"example", target:$sender; // or all named to prevent ambiguity
    say "example", target:$sender; // or only some named

Random syntax

response example {
    random {
        say "Hi", "p:fullwall" : 0.5;
        say "Hi2", "p:fullwall" : 0.3;

Each statement is checked for the given probability; if the check fails, it moves on to the next one. Once a successful check is reached, the statement is executed and no more are checked.


Standard variables available
  • Entity under some root name
root.health : entity's current health
root.maxhealth : entity's max health
root.type : entity type
root.location.x : x 
root.location.y : y 
root.location.z : z 
root.location.pitch : pitch 
root.location.yaw : yaw 
root.location.world : world
  • Player under some root name
root.name : name
message : the message involved in the event
sender : the sender


  • [] - required argument
  • () - optional argument
  • ... - repeated argument
  • Arguments can be given without explicit keys, and will be parsed in order of required and then optional arguments.
remember [$fact:value (10ns|ms|s|m|h|d (expiration time)) (-p (persistent)), ($fact2:value ...)];
forget [memory:"factname" | ["factname1", "factname2"...]];
say [message:"message"], [target:"p:playername"|"n:npcid"|"broadcast"|"log"|fact of type 'Player'];
java|js|py|lua|rb|clj|scala [code:"code"]

Evaluates raw code based on input. Note: JS is built into Java, but all others require additional programs. Eg. rb requires installing JRuby, scala requires installing scala, etc. Java evaluation is done within a run() method of an anonymous runnable class. Only org.bukkit imports can be unprefixed; message fullwall if you want more to be automatically imported.

Denizen Script
dtask [name:"script name"], [player:query player | "playername"], (denizen:query NPC or Denizen | "denizen ID" | denizen ID as number)
dtask [name:"script name"], [denizen:query NPC or Denizen | "denizen ID" | denizen ID as number], (player:query player | "playername")

Requires Denizen 0.8 to be installed.