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dtlTraders was created to easily setup admin shops for your server. Make and manage your shops with a GUI. Seriously, no hassle with configs and commands ;)

Original license: MIT License

Version: 3.0.8

Author: Dandielo

Status: Abandoned.

Source: Original source code can be found on GitHub


This page is outdated, an external author maintains a fork on Spigot, they provide support on Discord

dtlTraders was a trait for Citizens2 allowing to use NPCs as merchants.

Creating a basic trader and managing his stock is really easy, you need to know only one simple command (/trait trader) and all other things are achieved by using the provided GUI.

However you are not forced to use the trader interface if you don't want to, this plugin comes along with a bunch of commands, and a templating feature called patterns, this allows you to create, change, extend, merge shops in any way you want! You can also manage items and prices in shops using permissions, allowing you to change the shop content depending when a player has the required permission!

Also if you want you can translate each end-user part of the plugin into your language, as a result, this plugin also comes along with ready and built in translations into some languages.


All working features, you can use with version 3.0.8

  • Selling items to players
  • Buying items from players
  • Easy adding, editing and removing items from a trader stock
  • Easy price setting mechanism
  • Allowing to open and set a sub-inventory with more specific amount choices for items
  • Prices set can apply to a unit or to the whole stack
  • Prices are calculated always for each added amount (in the sub-inventory) automatically and on the fly
  • Supporting ALL custom items the bukkit API provides!
  • Supporting 4 attribute modifiers described here!
  • A lot of settings, you can change to fit your needs
  • A advanced translation system allowing almost everything to translate!
  • Patterns allowing to setup traders even faster and permissions specific!
  • Pattern system along with the default-pattern allows to create shops using just one command!!!
  • The plugin has it's own API allowing to create custom Trader types and item attributes!
  • Much more incoming!

Getting started

To get this plugin working you will need to get the following plugins:

  • Citizens2
  • Vault
  • Vault supported economy plugin, like BOSEconomy, Fe
  • Vault supported permission plugin, like PermissionEx, Groupmanager

After you got all of them you can just simply put the dtlTradersx.x.x.jar into the plugin directory and start using this plugin.

For the most basic setup you need only to know one command, /trader create <name> that creates a trader or simply create an NPC and add the /trait trader to it.

How to:

Here are a bunch of helpful tutorials and links that can you help setting up a trader. You can also find here information about the advanced setup of this plugin.

If you lack some information you can always send US a mail to [email protected]

Basic setup

This tutorial shows how to create a trader from scratch, how to add, edit and remove items. It shows you how to set prices, manage stock item flags and how to use the multiple amounts feature.

I will also describe some config values, how they affect the game and in-game management of a trader and also which of them are trader specific.



Commands and Permissions



Language and translations

Advanced setup



Credits and thanks