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HyperMerchant is a merchant npc for use with HyperConomy shops.

Features include:

  • An easy to use Inventory based GUI for your players to buy and sell from your HyperConomy shops.
  • Should work nicely with HyperConomy shop permissions.
  • Toggleable Merchant off-duty mode. Close any store temporarily with a simple command.
  • Simple commands to change NPC Greeting, Farewell, Off-Duty, and Deny Service/No Permission messages.

Much of the information on this page may not be up to date. Please visit the HyperMerchant bukkitdev page for the latest info.

Where to get latest version

HyperMerchant 1.57-dev is the latest release on bukkitdev. It is compatible with Bukkit/Spigot 1.8.

The latest dev build is available at the CI server.

There is a compatibility guide for other versions of Bukkit.

How to install

Make sure you have a compatible version of HyperConomy installed.

Save the HyperMerchant.jar into your plugin folder

How to use

  1. Have a HyperConomy shop already set up.
  2. Create an npc: /create npc my_shopkeeper
  3. Assign npc the hypermerchant trait: /trait hypermerchant
  4. Assign npc to the shop: /hmerchant setshop shop-name

That is it. You can now open that shop's menu by interacting with my_shopkeeper.

Alternately, you can open the shop's menu using the /shopmenu or /remotemenu commands

There is a short video demonstrating most of the plugin functionality at bukkitdev.

Other npc commands

  • /hmerchant offduty - toggle npc off-duty mode.
  • /hmerchant greeting Hi, welcome to my shop. --- assign what npc will say when clicked upon.
  • /hmerchant farewell Thanks for the money, dude! --- assign what npc will say when store menu is closed.
  • /hmerchant closed Sorry, im on my lunch break. --- assign what npc will say when set to off-duty mode.
  • /hmerchant deny You are not permitted to shop here. --- assign what npc will say if player doesn't have proper permissions.
  • /hmerchant setshop shop_name_here --- assign what shop's inventory is displayed when npc is clicked on. The npc does not have to be inside the shop or even in the same world as the shop.

The above commands all operate upon the currently selected npc, unless the --id flag is specified:

  • /hmerchant greeting Hi, welcome to my shop. --id 71


  • /hmerchant --id 71 greeting Hi, welcome to my shop.

HyperMerchant also includes the following conveniance commands:

  • /remotemenu [shopname] - open a shop's menu from anywhere.
  • /shopmenu - open the menu of the shop you are standing in.
  • /rslist - list the names of all stores that can be accessed with /remotemenu command.
  • /onduty - Toggle whether a player shop owner is open for business.

Other features:

Players who own a shop can be clicked on by players who wish to do business with them. Shop owners can use the /onduty command to disable this functionality, and it can be disabled in the config.yml file. You can limit shop owners to only doing business while inside their shop.


     description: Gives access to all HyperMerchant commands
        hypermerchant.menu: true
        hypermerchant.remote: true
        hypermerchant.npc: true
        hypermerchant.manage: true
     description: Allow use of the /shopmenu command.
     default: true
     description: Allow interaction with hypermerchant npc.
     default: true
     description: Allow use of the /remotemenu command.
     default: op
     description: Allow use of the /hmerchant command.
     default: op