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MoxieNPC is an extension to MoxieSkills to allow servers to sell abilities and skills XP to their players.

Current Version: 1.5 Release

Developers: x3nec

Source: Github

Latest Build: BukkitDev

Support tickets: Tickets on BukkitDev

Thanks to: aufdemrand for this info box thing!


What Is It?

MoxieNPC is an extension to MoxieSkills that allows admins to set up NPC shops instead of the sign shops. In order for this plugin to operate, you need to have Citizens 2.0 and MoxieSkills running on your server.

How To Use It

MoxieNPC is not a standalone plugin - it is a character trait extending from Citizens 2.0. Therefore, in order to use it, you must first create an NPC, and then do '/trait moxienpc'. Once that is done, you can continue with the instructions below.


  moxienpc.usenpc.ability - Buy abilities from the NPC shop.
  moxienpc.makenpc.ability - Add abilities to sell at NPC shop.
  moxienpc.usenpc.xp - Buy skills XP from the NPC shop.
  moxienpc.makenpc.xp - Add skills XP to sell at NPC shop.
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