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Characters are complex traits that use the Citizens API to add functionality to existing NPCs. To get characters on your server, simply follow the links to their respective wiki pages and find the download link. Install the characters' JAR file into the /plugins or /plugins/Citizens/plugins directory.

Citizens NPCs can be multiple traits at the same time. See Multiple Traits

Available Characters

Name Developer Description
Alchemist aPunch Customizable Potion Recipes
Blacksmith aPunch Heavily Customizable Tool and Armor Reforging
Builder jrbudda Build schematics, block by block.
Denizen aufdemrand Scriptable, interactive citizens!
DtlTraders dandielo Another trader character.
Quests Various Links to Quest options for Citizens 2.
Sentinel mcmonkey Sentinel combat NPCs.
Postal mcfacilitator Postal is a full-fledged mail system using NPCs as mailmen.
MoxieNPC x3nec Specialised shop NPCs for MoxieSkills skills plugin.
HyperMerchant Shmancelot Merchant NPC's and GUI for use with HyperConomy shops.