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The newest releases of Citizens2 is fully translatable into many languages. Server owners can easily choose which language they want Citizens messages to be displayed in, as long as a translation into that language has been completed.

To set Citizens to a different language on your server, just open "plugins\Citizens\config.yml" and change "locale: en" (under general: translations: ). Set the "en" to the locale (ISO code) of the language you want to switch to, for instance "de" for German.

You can also edit the messages for any language on your server by opening that language's file in Citizens\lang\

Available translations

Currently, Citizens has been translated into the following languages:

  • French (fr) by leagris
  • German (de) by SpaceEmotion
  • Dutch (nl) by sjoerdtim

We thank our translators, and we welcome translations for other languages.

So how do I make my own?

To get started with a new translation, make a copy of the file and change its filename to use a new locale, for instance for Italian. Translate the strings inside this file, and you're done!

How do language files work?

Language files are a collection of sentences ('strings') in a properties file. They allow Citizens to request a string for a specific action based on a key, such as citizens.notifications.enabled. Each language file contains a locale in its name - that is, the ISO code of the language it's for. As an example, the language file for English is called ""

By default, Citizens will use the system locale for translations, but will use the general.translation.locale setting from Citizens' config.yml if it's present.