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UltraTrader is an extension that uses Citizens 2 to create interactive shops.

Current version: 0.3 Beta

Creator and lead developer: tenowg

Assistant developers: None Yet

Source: Github

Documentation: WebSite

Latest developmental build: 0.3 Beta Builds

Citizens build: 2.0.10

Support tickets: Tickets on Github

IRC: #ultratrader on esper.net

Donate: Note: Add a link for donations


UltraTrader is a replacement for the Loved but Lost CitiTrader plugin, written completely from scratch with 100% new code, easier to read, easier to expand on, and just plain better than before.

BETA Ultratrader

Ultratrader is still currently in Beta, and I feel is not fully ready for production servers as some (not many left) features are not working or implemented yet. There are still bugs to find. Should you choose to test UltraTrader for me, please let me know if you find any Bugs (I have already killed 4 duplication bugs, these are very high priority for me, mostly within 30 minutes of me getting the report)

It is probably best to use the Development link download instead of using the Bukkit link, as Bukkit does seem to take some time to approve of Uploads/Downloads.


Most documentation can be found on the website at: http://ultratrader.thedemgel.com

Key Feature

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